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How many books can I check out?

Book check out guide by grade level:
Kindergarten = 1 book (2 books after December)
1st Grade = 3 books
2nd Grade = 3 books
3rd Grade = 4 books
4th Grade = 4 books
5th Grade = 4 books
*Additional books can be checked out if needed for a school project

Books are checked out for a 2-week period, but may be renewed.

A student will not be allowed to check out other books until all overdue books/materials have been returned.

How do I pay for a lost or damaged book?

If your child has a lost or damaged a library book, a replacement fine will be attached to their account. Fines should be paid in the front office.

If you find a lost book, please return it to the library and any related fines will be either reimbursed (if the fine was already paid) or deleted from your child's library account.

How can I check my library account?

Students can check their library accounts from home to see what materials they currently have checked out by clicking on the big green Library Catalog button at the top of this page.

Once in the catalog, follow these simple steps:

  • Click the "Log In" option in the upper right hand corner of the screen
  • Username is Student ID #
  • Password has been chosen by your child (this is the same password used to sign in to their Google account)
  • Click on the "My Info" tab
  • When finished, log out

Library Hours:

Monday-Friday:   8:50-3:30
After school:
     Monday & Wednesday

Library Staff:

Lori Chmiel
Lori Chmiel, Teacher Librarian