Student Device Plan for summer 2022

Student Device Plan for Summer 2022

  • All students, including K-1 with a Student Tech Use Agreement on file for 2021-2022 will be allowed to keep their assigned computing devices over the summer months.
  • Families who wish to opt - out of keeping their student’s assigned device over the summer months will need to indicate that by completing the Student Device Summer Opt - Out Form.
  • Students and families are expected to take care of their assigned device.  Please read the detailed instructions here: Chromebook care instructions.
  • Students transitioning from 5th to 6th grade will bring their devices with them to their new campus.
  • Students who are enrolled in summer learning programs are expected to bring their device to summer programs each day.  
  • If families need support using their device or troubleshooting technical issues, they should call 425-408-7631 or create a help ticket at  
  • All students must bring their device back on the first day of school.

Students withdrawing from NSD School District:

  • Families who are withdrawing from NSD must return any technology devices assigned to their student, including computers, tablets, hotspots and all accessories such as bags and chargers.  
  • Students withdrawing from NSD will return their device, charger and bag to their teacher on or before June 15th.
  • Students withdrawing during summer can return their student devices to the District Admin office.
  • Withdrawing students who do not return their devices and accessories will be issued a replacement fine.