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The front view of the Woodin Elementary School

Welcome to:
Woodin Elementary School!

On behalf of the entire staff, welcome to Woodin Elementary School. Woodin offers a K-5 English only program and a K-5 Spanish/English dual language immersion program. We are very proud of our high-quality programs, our positive school climate and the academic performance of our students. The richness and diversity of our surrounding community is reflected in the faces of the students who fill our classrooms. This diversity of incomes, languages and cultures is the strength of the Woodin family. We have created a responsive learning community that recognizes and nurtures the academic potential of every child.

Our goal is to refine our teaching to be responsive to the individual and collective needs of our students. Individually, our students are able to work at their own ability level and pace; cooperatively, they learn from each other.The research is clear that the very best way to maximize student learning is to ensure that every student has an excellent teacher every year and that is our promise.

Even though academic development is our primary focus, we also place a strong emphasis on responsible citizenship, through our school wide PBIS ( Positive Behavior Intervention Supports) work.   Our high expectations for respectful student behavior and instruction for those that need additional support in this area, ensure that Woodin is a safe and caring place for all.

The students, staff and parents all share responsibility for the learning process.As we make the commitment to continually reflect on our practice to improve teaching, we know that parent involvement and support are critical to our success. Our PTA boasts strong membership and excellent leadership.

We are proud of our staff and students and invite you to visit. Please call me at 425.408.5405, send me an email at dbowers@nsd.org or come into our school office and speak to one of our helpful office staff to make an appointment.
Dawn Bowers,  Principal

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